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I Love Lucy Marathon - Saturday 1-29-2011

Next Saturday there will be an “I Love Lucy” Marathon on the Hallmark Channel.

Below is a schedule of the shows. The times shown are for the Eastern Time Zone.

Click the Hallmark Channel logo below to go the the Hallmark Channel Locator to find the channel in your area.


06:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Arriving in Hollywood, Lucy goes star hunting at the Brown Derby, and finds William Holden in the next booth.
06:30 AM
I Love Lucy - Ricky leaves Lucy at home and goes out for an evening of publicity with five gorgeous starlets.
07:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Lucy finally gets her chance - she lands a part as a showgirl in a major MGM musical.
07:30 AM
I Love Lucy - Lucy is determined to have a beautiful Don Loper gown for her very own.
08:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Desi’s agent concocts a publicity stunt designed to land Ricky in Hedda Hopper’s celebrity gossip column.
08:30 AM
I Love Lucy - When producer Dore Schary decides to shelve Ricky’s film, “Don Juan,” Lucy schemes to create public demand for Ricky’s talent.
09:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Asked to appear in a Spanish dance number on Ricky’s “Heart Fund” show, Lucy envisions herself as an exotic Senorita. But Ricky has something altogether different in mind.
09:30 AM
I Love Lucy - Ricky has forgotten the date of their anniversary, but he has a scheme to convince Lucy that he knew it all along.
10:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Lucy poses as a bellboy to gain entrance to movie star Cornell Wilde’s hotel room.
10:30 AM
I Love Lucy - Upset by a quarrel with their husbands, Lucy and Ethel leave for a weekend in Palm Springs, where they encounter Rock Hudson.
11:00 AM
I Love Lucy - Carolyn Appleby, a friend of Lucy’s visiting from New York, wants to meet some of the stars that Lucy has befriended, starting with Van Johnson, who is appearing at the Ricardos’ hotel.
11:30 AM
I Love Lucy - Lucy promised Carolyn Appleby she’d produce some real Hollywood celebrities. Now she’s got to deliver.
12:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy pretends to be Ricky’s agent and tries to bluff a studio executive into casting Ricky in a film.
12:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel take a bus tour of movie stars’ homes in Beverly Hills, and Lucy winds up picking grapefruit in Richard Widmark’s back yard.
01:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy discovers that the cement slab with John Wayne’s footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater has come loose.
01:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel have made off with the cement slab of John Wayne’s footprints. Now the police are called in to investigate.
02:00 PM
I Love Lucy - MGM asks Ricky to help entertain executives at a studio party. Ricky has plans to go deep sea fishing, but as far as Lucy is concerned, “the show must go on.”
02:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Ricky sells the car and buys train tickets for the trip back East, but he forgets about Fred and Ethel.
03:00 PM
I Love Lucy - On the train trip back East, Lucy gets entangled with a jewel thief.
03:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Back in New York City, Ricky is surrounded by excited friends wanting to know about his picture. Soon all the attention goes to his head.
04:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ricky are scheduled to appear on Ed Warren’s TV interview show, “Face to Face,” at their home. But the network agent suggests that the apartment is a “dump” and urges them to move into ritzier quarters.
04:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Ricky is dismayed to learn that he signed not for a radio show, but a rodeo show.
05:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy is not happy about being separated from Little Ricky, but Ricky Sr. insists the lad must start Nursery School.
05:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Ricky’s band gets booked in Europe, and the girls can only go if they can come up with enough money to pay their own way.
06:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy needs her birth certificate in order to get her passport, but Jamestown has no record of her being born.
06:30 PM
I Love Lucy - The Ricardos and Mertzes are all ready to leave for Europe, until Fred announces that he gets seasick easily.
07:00 PM
I Love Lucy - After boarding the ocean liner, Lucy goes ashore just one more time to kiss Little Ricky goodbye, and misses the boat.
07:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy plans to make the ocean voyage a second honeymoon, but Ricky has previous shipboard engagements with his band.
08:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel go looking for the Queen on their first day in London, but no luck. When they arrive back at the hotel, Ricky tells her she’s going to be presented to the Queen the next evening.
08:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy wants to spend a weekend on a British estate, but Ricky makes her promise not to try to wangle an invitation out of Sir Clive, with whom Ricky is scheduled to talk business.
09:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy dreams of visiting her relatives in Scotland.
09:30 PM
I Love Lucy - The Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in Paris only to find themselves locked up in jail for passing counterfeit francs.
10:00 PM
I Love Lucy - Ricky has a luncheon engagement with Charles Boyer, and he wants to keep Lucy away from him.
10:30 PM
I Love Lucy - After much begging, Ricky buys Lucy a Paris “original.”
11:00 PM
I Love Lucy - The Ricardos and the Mertzes go mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps, and are caught in an avalanche.
11:30 PM
I Love Lucy - Lucy gets homesick for Little Ricky on his birthday.